Intelligent Text Search Queries

This manual has concentrated so far on the manipulation of fields within a relational database. As a text information server Texis provides all the capabilities one would expect from a traditional RDBMS.

Texis was also designed to incorporate large quantities of narrative full text stored within the database. This is evidenced by its data types as presented in Chapter here, Table Definition. When textual content becomes the focus of the search, the emphasis shifts from one of document management to one of research. Texis has embodied within it special programs geared to accomplish this.

Metamorph was originally a stand-alone program designed to meet intelligent full text retrieval needs on full text files. Since 1986 it has been used in a variety of environments where concept oriented text searching is desired. Now within the LIKE clause, all of what is possible on full text information with Metamorph is possible with Texis, within the framework of a relational database.

Metamorph is covered in a complete sense in its own section in this manual and can be studied of itself. Please refer to the Metamorph Intelligent Text Query Language sections for a full understanding of all Metamorph's theory and application.

This chapter deals with the use of Metamorph within the LIKE portion of the WHERE clause. Texis can accomplish any Metamorph search through the construction of a SELECT-FROM-WHERE block, where the Metamorph query is enclosed in single quotes 'query' following LIKE.

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