Refining a Query

To refine a query, thereby further qualifying what is judged a hit, add any other keywords or concepts which should appear within the same concept grouping.


WHERE BODY LIKE 'dog fine'

Fewer hits will be retrieved than when only one search item is entered (i.e., "dog"), as you are requiring both "dog" and "fine" to occur in the same sentence. This sentence would qualify:

The owner of any DOG who permits such a dog to be free of
     restraint in violation of Section 4.2 of this article shall
     pay a FINE of not less than twenty-five dollars.

You may enter as many query items as you wish, to qualify the hits to be found.


WHERE BODY LIKE 'dog owner vaccination city'

Such a query locates this sentence:

Every veterinarian who VACCINATES any cat or DOG within the
     CITY limits shall issue a certification of vaccination to
     such OWNER.

You needn't sift through references which seem too broad or too numerous. Refine your query so it produces only what you judge to be relevant to the goal of your search.

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