Combinatorial Logic

Weighting search items for inclusion (+) or exclusion (-) along with an intersection specification which is less than the maximum quantity possible (the default "AND" search) can be used in any combination.

Default logic is adequate for the casual user to get very satisfactory search results with no special markings, so this extra syntax need not be learned. However, such syntax is available to the more exacting user if desired.

A rather complicated but precise query might make use of weighting for inclusion, exclusion, and also a specified intersection quantity, as follows.


WHERE BODY LIKE '+officer @1 law power pay duties -mayor'

The above query makes these requirements:

  • "Officer" must be present, plus ...

  • 1 intersection of any 2 of the unmarked search items "law", "power", "pay", "duties", but ...

  • Not if "mayor" is present (i.e., exclude it).

This query retrieves the following hits, while excluding hits containing "mayor".

power, duties +officer (but not) -mayor
     The city council shall have POWER from time to time to
     require other further DUTIES of all OFFICERS whose duties
     are herein prescribed.

  law, duties +officer (but not) -mayor
     Proof shall be made before some OFFICER authorized by the
     LAW to administer oaths, and filed with the person
     performing the DUTIES of city secretary.

  law, power +officer (but not) -mayor
     In case of any irreconcilable conflict between the
     provisions of this Charter and any superior LAW, the POWERS
     of the city and its OFFICERS shall be defined in such
     superior laws.

  duties, law +officer (but not) -mayor
     The plan must be designed to enable the records management
     OFFICER to carry out his or her DUTIES prescribed by state
     LAW and this article effectively.

  pay, duties +officer (but not) -mayor
     PAYMENT of firefighting OFFICIAL performing DUTIES outside
     of territorial limits of city.

  power, duties +officer (but not) -mayor
     POWERS and DUTIES of OFFICIAL assigned to assist in the

Any search item, including keywords, wildcards, concept searches, phrases, and special expressions, can be weighted for inclusion, exclusion, and combinatorial set logic.

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