Specifying Fewer Intersections

The casual user can use the "AND" logic default. Even so, here is another way to write the above 2 intersection query, where the number of desired intersections (2) is preceded by the at sign (@):


WHERE BODY LIKE '~alcohol ~sweets ~consumption @2'

The "@2" designation is redundant as it is understood by the program to be the default maximum number of intersections possible, but it would yield the same results.

It is possible to find different permutations of which items must occur inside a hit. Even where the maximum number of intersections possible is being sought, this is still seen as a permutation, and is referred to as permuted logic.

The meaning of "permuted" takes on more significance when fewer intersections of items are desired.

If you wanted only one intersection of these three items, it would create an interesting range of possibilities. You might find an intersection of any of the following combinations:

alcohol (AND) sweets
     alcohol (AND) consumption
     sweets  (AND) consumption

Specify one intersection only (@1), while listing the 3 possible items.


WHERE BODY LIKE '~alcohol ~sweets ~consumption @1'

This 1 intersection search finds the following, where any 2 occurrences from the 3 specified sets occur within the hit. Hits for a higher intersection number (@2) as shown above also appear.

~consumption (and) ~alcohol @1
     It shall be unlawful to USE the city swimming pool or enter
     the enclosure in which it is located when a person is
     INTOXICATED or under the influence of illegal drugs.

  ~consumption (and) ~sweets @1
     any public sleeping or EATING place, or any place or vehicle
     where food or drink is manufactured, prepared, stored, or
     any manufacturer or vendor of CANDIES or manufactured

  ~sweets (and) ~alcohol @1
     subject to inspection are:  Bakery or CONFECTIONERY shop
     (retail), Beverage sale ALCOHOLIC ...

  ~consumption (and) ~alcohol @1
     A new EATING and DRINKING establishment shall be one which
     is newly erected or constructed at a given location.

  ~alcohol (and) ~consumption @1
     involving the sale of spirituous, vinous, or malt LIQUORS,
     including beer in unbroken packages for off-premises

The "@#" intersection quantity designation is not position dependent; it can be entered anywhere in the Metamorph query.

Any number of intersections may be specified, provided that number does not exceed the number of intersections possible for the entered number of search items.

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