Adjusting Linguistic Controls

Concept sets can be edited to include special vocabulary, acronyms, and slang. There is sufficient vocabulary intelligence off the shelf so that editing is not required to make good use of the program immediately upon installation. However, such customization is encouraged to keep online research in rapport with users' needs, especially as search routines and vocabulary evolve.

A word need not be "known" by Metamorph for it to be processed. The fact of a word having associations stored in the Thesaurus makes abstraction of concept possible, but is not required to match word forms. Such word stemming knowledge is inherent. And, any string of characters can be matched exactly as entered.

You can edit the special word lists Metamorph uses to process English if you wish. As it may not be immediately apparent to what degree these word lists may affect general searching, it is cautioned that such editing be used sparingly and with the wisdom of experience. Even so, what Metamorph deems to be Noise, Prefixes, and Suffixes is all under user control.

See the Metamorph portion of this manual for a complete explanation of all these terms and other background information.

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