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Thunderstone creates search software that is used by government, military, private and public industries. Applications include newspaper and realtime news publishing and search, automated categorization, litigation support, competitive intelligence, help desk, online store fronts, auctions, and classifieds (e-commerce), legal research, ediscovery and data mining, vertical portals, document & multimedia management, web site and file server search, and many more.

Our flagship product, Texis™, is the most comprehensive text retrieval and publishing software available. In one package Texis provides every full-text, SQL, multimedia management, and dynamic publishing operation needed for an enterprise search application.


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Enterprise Search

Search all of your data, whether it resides on your public web server, intranet servers requiring login, ftp servers, Windows shares, NFS shares, local disk drives, or databases. The Thunderstone Search Appliance can index it all for rapid searching or ediscovery.

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Web Site Search

Help users find information on your web site or sites. Easily include other related sites in your index. Install Thunderstone's Webinator onto your existing Windows or Linux/Unix server or plug Thunderstone's Search Appliance into your network.

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Catalogs and eCommerce

Have a product, inventory, or other type of catalog? Import it into a Thunderstone Catalog Appliance to get robust full-text and faceted or drill-down searching.

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Database Search


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Have structured data that doesn't fit neatly into a canned schema? Index it with a Thunderstone Parametric Appliance or Texis to enable searching by plain text query as well as structured field queries.

Custom Applications

Do everything above and more with Thunderstone's Texis SQL RDBMS for Text software. All of the above products are based on our Texis database engine and it's powerful Vortex scripting language. Nothing extra needed. Relational database with fast full text searching and web friendly scripting language.

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