Metamorph Logic Rules Summary

Logic operators apply to any entered search item.

  1. Precedence (mandatory inclusion) is expressed by a plus sign (+) preceding the concept or expression. A plus (+) item is "Required".

  2. Exclusion ("not" logic) is expressed by a minus sign (-) preceding the concept or expression. A minus (-) item is "Excluded".

  3. Equivalence ("and" logic) may be expressed by an equal sign (=) preceding the concept or expression. An equal sign is assumed where no other logic operator is assigned. An equal (=) item is "Permuted".

  4. Search items not marked with (+) or (-) are considered to be equally weighted. Intersection quantity logic (@#) applies to these unmarked (=) permuted sets only.

  5. Where search items are not otherwise marked, the default set logic in use is "And" logic. The maximum number of intersections possible is sought.

  6. Designate "Or" logic with zero intersections (@0), applying to any unmarked permuted search items.

  7. Logic operators and intersection quantity settings can be used in combination with each other, referred to as combinatorial logic.

Metamorph's use of logic should not be confused with Boolean operators. Metamorph deals with these logic operators as sets rather than single strings, a different methodology.

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