Weighting Items for Precedence (+)

Intersection logic treats all search items as equal to each other, regardless of the number of understood or specified intersections. You can indicate a precedence for a particular search item which falls outside the intersection quantity setting.

A common example is where you are interested chiefly in one subject, but you want to see occurrences of that subject in proximity to one or more of several specified choices. This would be an "or" search in conjunction with one item marked for precedence. You definitely want A, along with either B, or C, or D.

Use the plus sign (+) to mark search items for mandatory inclusion. Use @0 to signify no intersections are required of the unmarked permuted items. The number of intersections required as specified by `@#' will apply to those permuted items remaining.


WHERE BODY LIKE '+license plumbing alcohol taxes @0'

This search requires (+) the occurrence of "license", which must be found in the same sentence with either "plumbing", "alcohol", or "taxes".

The 0 intersection designation applies only to the unmarked permuted sets. Since "license" is weighted with a plus (+), the "@0" designation applies to the other search items only.

This query finds the following hits:

+license (and) @0 alcohol
     Every person licensed to sell liquor, wine or beer or mixed
     beverages in the city under the ALCOHOLIC Beverage Code
     shall pay to the city a LICENSE fee equal to the maximum
     allowed as provided for in the Alcoholic Beverage Code.

  +license (and) @0 plumbing
     Before any person, firm or corporation shall engage in the
     PLUMBING business within the city, he shall be qualified as
     set forth herein, and a LICENSE shall be obtained from the
     State Board of Plumbing Examiners as required.

  +license (and) @0 taxes
     The city may assess, levy and collect any and all character
     of TAXES for general and special purposes on all subjects or
     objects, including occupation taxes, LICENSE taxes and
     excise taxes.

More than one search item may be marked with a plus (+) for inclusion, and any valid intersection quantity (@#) may be used to refer to the other unmarked items. Any search item, including phrases and special expressions, may be weighted for precedence in this fashion.

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