Keyword Search

Your search can be as simple as a single word or string. If you want references to do with dogs, type in the word "dog".

Example: Let's say Corporate Legal Support maintains a table called CODES which includes full text of the local ordinances of the town in which Acme Industrial has its headquarters. The full text field of each ordinance is stored in a column called BODY.

To find ordinances containing references to dogs, the WHERE clause takes this form:

WHERE column-name LIKE 'metamorph-query'

You can put any Metamorph query in the quotes ('metamorph-query') although you would need to escape a literal ' with another ' by typing '', if you want the character ' to be part of the query.

Using Metamorph's defaults, a sentence in the body of the ordinance text will be sought which contains a match to the query. Whatever is dictated in the SELECT portion of the statement is what will be displayed. All outer logic applies, so that multiple queries can be sought through use of AND, OR, NOT, and so on. See Chapter here, especially the section, Additional Comparison Operators, for a complete understanding of how the LIKE clause fits into a SELECT-FROM-WHERE statement.

In this example, the WHERE clause would look like this:


When Texis executes the search, ordinances whose bodies contain matching sentences would be retrieved. An example of a qualifying sentence would be:

DOG:  any member of the canine family.

And this sentence:

It shall be unlawful and a nuisance for any DOG owner to
     permit a dog to be free of restraint in the city.

An English word entered in a Metamorph Query retrieves occurrences of forms of that word in both lower and upper case, regardless of how it was entered; i.e., the default keyword search is case insensitive.

Each matched sentence is called a HIT. Metamorph locates all such hits containing "dog" and any other "dog" word forms adhering to the linguistic settings in place. There would normally be quite a few hits for a common keyword query like this.

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