Specifying No Intersections ("OR")

Using this intersection quantity model, what is commonly understood to be an "OR" search is any search which requires no (zero) intersections at all. In an "or" search, any occurrence of any item listed qualifies as a hit; the item need not intersect with any other item.

Designate an "or" search using the same intersection quantity syntax, where zero (0) indicates no intersections are required (@0):


WHERE BODY LIKE '~alcohol ~sweets ~consumption @0'

In addition to the hits listed above for a higher number of intersections, the following 0 intersection hits would be found, due to the presence of only one item (a or b or c) required:

~alcohol @0
     Every person licensed to sell LIQUOR, wine or beer or mixed
     beverages in the city under the Alcoholic Beverage Code
     shall ...

  ~sweets @0
     An establishment preparing and selling at retail on the
     premises, cakes, pastry, CANDIES, breads and similar food

  ~consumption @0
     To regulate the disposal and prohibit the BURNING of garbage
     and trash; ...

All such items are considered permuted, at intersection number zero (0).

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