Texis Configuration file

There are a number of properties that are settable in Texis programs. These settings are configured in a file called conf/texis.ini, which is located in the Texis install directory (typically "/usr/local/morph3" under Unix, or "c:\morph3" under Windows). The settings are grouped into sections. The format of the configuration file is:

setting = value
setting = value

setting = value
setting = value

Section and setting names are space- and case-insensitive. E.g. the setting Log File is the same as the setting logfile. Pound-sign or semicolon indicate the line is a comment, when they are the first non-whitespace character on a line.

A setting value may contain any of the following special variable references, which will be replaced as noted:

  • %INSTALLDIR%: The Texis installation directory.

  • %BINDIR%: The Texis binaries (executables) directory, typically "c:\morph3" under Windows and "/usr/local/morph3/bin" under Unix.

  • %LIBDIR%: The Texis library directory; typically the lib subdir of the Texis install dir. Added in version 8.

  • %LOGDIR%:

    The log directory, i.e. [Texis] Log Dir value. For log files. Added in version 8.

  • %RUNDIR%:

    The run directory, i.e. [Texis] Run Dir value. For run-time-only files, e.g. PID files etc. Added in version 8.

  • %EXEDIR%: The parent directory of the currently running executable (or the Texis binary dir, if the former cannot be determined).

  • %SCRIPTROOT%: The value of the setting [Texis] Script Root. Not usable in that setting's value. This variable was added in version 6.

  • %DOCUMENT_ROOT%: The active document root. Added in version 6.

  • %SERVERROOT%: The active server root. Added in version 6.

Note that %DOCUMENT_ROOT% and %SERVERROOT% should only be used in Web-only settings, e.g. [Texis] Script Root, not in settings that may also be relevant to command-line invocations.

All time settings are seconds unless otherwise specified. The settings are grouped as follows:

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