Texis conf/texis.ini Section

The [Texis] section of conf/texis.ini affects Texis and Vortex.

Points to the license file. The default is license.key in the install directory.

Statistics Pipe
A named pipe is used to communicate statistics between monitor processes. This setting allows the name to be specified. The default is /tmp/.texisstats under Unix, or \\.\pipe\texisstats under Windows.

Sets the default path to the thesaurus. The default is builtin which uses the thesaurus compiled into the program. Deprecated; set [Apicp] eqprefix instead.

Sets the default path to the user thesaurus. The default is the eqvsusr file in the install directory. Deprecated; set [Apicp] ueqprefix instead.

Lib Path

Sets the search path for loading certain dynamic (shared) libraries, such as the JavaScript plugin. This is a colon-separated (semicolon under Windows) list of directories to check. Alternatively, the default value of "bin" may be given, which refers to the Texis executables directory (bin in the install dir under Unix, or the install dir under for Windows), or the value "sys", which refers to the system-dependent search method (e.g. LD_LIBRARY_PATH under Unix). Note that Lib Path refers to plugin libraries loaded after program startup, not startup-loaded libraries such as the C or math lib. Added in version 4.01.1026200000 Jul 9 2002.

Write Timeout
Sets the maximum time in seconds to retry certain database writes if they fail with a temporary error, e.g. Windows 1450 ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES. Default is 5.0. Added in version 5.01.1218575000 20080812.

Enable FDBF
Non-zero: enables FDBF file access, which is a deprecated Texis database table format. Should only need to be enabled for tables or indexes created with Texis versions before 1996. Default 0. Added in version 5.01.1136500000 20060105.

Varchar To Strlst Sep
  Default value for the varchartostrlstsep SQL setting (here). Default is create in version 7 and later, or lastchar in version 6 and earlier. Added in version 5.01.1225870000 20081105.

Multi Value To Multi Row
Default value for the multivaluetomultirow SQL setting (here). Default is yes. Added in version 5.01.1243980000 20090602.

Hexify Bytes

Default value for the hexifybyte SQL property (here). The default if unset in conf/texis.ini is 1 for tsql and 0 for all other programs.

Createlocks Methods

The list of methods to try (in sequential order) to create the lock structure for a database (global file mapping, shared memory segment, or file, depending on platform). The value is a space-separated list of one or more of the tokens direct or monitor. The direct method tries to create the lock structure directly; the monitor method asks the Texis Monitor to creatre it. On some platforms, such as Windows 2008 and later, ordinary users may not have permissions to create the OS object (e.g. global file mapping) needed for the lock structure. Since the Texis Monitor often runs as a service under Windows - with elevated SYSTEM permissions - it may be used to create the object on behalf of the Texis process.

The default value for this setting is direct monitor. It was added in version 7.00.1372118000 20130624. Previous versions only tried the direct method.

Createlocks Timeout

The length of time, in seconds, to wait for the monitor method to create the lock structure. Default 10. Added in version 7.00.1372118000 20130624.

Create Db Ok Dir Exists

Boolean; if true a database's directory may pre-exist at database creation time. Default is 0 (false) to help prevent database creation races.

Validate Btrees

Bit flags for extra consistency checks on B-trees; subject to change in future releases.

  • 0x0001: validate tree on open

  • 0x0002: validate page on read

  • 0x0004: validate page on write

  • 0x0008: validate page on release

  • 0x0010: other page-release errors

  • 0x0020: more stringent limits

  • 0x0040: validate on page manipulation

  • 0x1000: attempt to fix bad pages if possible

  • 0x2000: overwrite freed pages in memory

Default is 0x101f. Added in version 7.05.1449078000 20151202. Overridable by validatebtrees SQL property.


An integer set of bit flags for signal/exception control and information. Applies to Vortex, Texis/database monitor, and most other Texis programs. Can be overridden in Vortex by the <trap> directive and <vxcp trap> statement. Not all print-info flags supported on all platforms.

  • 0x0001: Catch normal signals (SIGTERM etc.; Vortex only)

  • 0x0002: Catch "bad" signals (SIGSEGV etc.; Vortex only)

  • 0x0004: Dump core after bad signal/exception via *NULL

  • 0x0008: Dump core after bad signal/exception via signal handler return (Cores placed in dir of Vortex or monitor log if possible)

  • 0x0010: Print registers at bad signal (Vortex only)

  • 0x0020: Print +1KB of stack at bad signal (Vortex only)

  • 0x0040: Print +16KB of stack at bad signal (Vortex only)

  • 0x0080: Print location (human-readable context) for bad signals

  • 0x0100: Ignore SIGHUP (Vortex only)

  • 0x0200: Treat timeout as bad signal (Vortex only)

  • 0x0400: Print info of signalling PID (PID and command line)

  • 0x0800: Print info of signalling PID and PPID (if 0x0400 set too, info for all ancestors printed)

  • 0x1000: Print backtrace at bad signal

Default value is 0x1493. Added in version 7.06.1472335000 20160827. 0x0010 was added to the default in version 7.06.1512512000 20171205.

Unneeded REX Escape Warning

Whether to issue "REX: Unneeded escape sequence ..." warnings when a REX expression uses certain unneeded escapes. An unneeded escape is when a character is escaped that has no special meaning in the current context in REX, either alone or escaped. Such escapes are interpreted as just the literal character alone (respect-case); e.g "\w" has no special meaning in REX, and is taken as "w".

While such escapes have no meaning currently, some may take on a specific new meaning in a future Texis release, if REX syntax is expanded. Thus using them in an expression now may unexpectedly (and silently) result in their behavior changing after a Texis update; hence the warning message. Expressions using such escapes should thus have them changed to the unescaped literal character.

If updating the code is not feasible, the warning may be silenced by setting [Texis] Unneeded REX Escape Warning to no - at the risk of silent behavior change at an upgrade. Added in version 7.06.1465574000 20160610. Default is yes. Overridden by unneededrexescapewarning SQL setting (here).

Legacy Version 7 Order By Rank

If on, an ORDER BY rank (or rank-containing expression) uses legacy version 7 behavior, i.e. typically orders in numerically descending order, but may change to ascending (and have other idiosyncrasies) depending on index, expression and DESC flag use. If off, such ORDER BYs are consistent with others: numerically ascending unless DESC flag given (which would be typical, to maintain descending-numerical-rank order). The default is on, but will change to off in version 8. Can be overridden by the legacyversion7orderbyrank SQL setting (here). Added in version 7.06.1508871000 20171024.

Note that this setting may be removed in a future release, as its enabled behavior is deprecated. Its existence is only to ease transition of old code when upgrading to Texis version 8, and thus should only be used temporarily. Old code should be updated to reflect version 8 default behavior - and this setting removed from code - soon after upgrading.

Other [Texis] settings are specific to Texis Web Script (Vortex). For details on these Vortex-specific settings, see the "Configuration Settings" section of the Vortex manual.

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