Apicp conf/texis.ini Section

The [Apicp] section of conf/texis.ini affects Texis (tsql) and Vortex. It sets defaults for APICP settings, i.e. settings controlled at run-time by the <apicp> function in Vortex. All of the individual settings (i.e. not defaults or texisdefaults) available via <apicp> may also have default values set in the [Apicp] section of conf/texis.ini. Changing a setting via conf/texis.ini rather than the <apicp> function allows a machine-wide default to be set in just one location, rather than modifying every script and tsql command on a site, e.g. for legacy or back-compatibility issues. Note that Webinator or any other Vortex script may change these defaults (just for the given invocation) at run-time via the <apicp> function.

The available settings include: alequivs, alintersects, allinear, alnot, alphrase, alpostproc, alwild, alwithin, defsuffrm, defsufrm, denymode, edexp, eqprefix, exactphrase, inc_edexp, inc_sdexp, inced, incsd, intersects, keepeqvs, keepnoise, minwordlen, noise, olddelim, phrasewordproc, prefix, prefixproc, qmaxsets, qmaxsetwords, qmaxterms, qmaxwords, qminprelen, qminwordlen, rebuild, reqedelim, reqsdelim, sdexp, see, stringcomparemode, suffix, suffixeq, suffixproc, textsearchmode, ueqprefix, useequiv, withinmode, and withinproc.

List-type values (such as those for noise and suffix) may be given as a space-separated list of terms. Terms that contain spaces must be enclosed in single or double quotes. Terms that contain single quotes must be enclosed in double quotes and vice-versa.

See the Vortex manual <apicp> section for more details on these settings.

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