License Update conf/texis.ini Section

This section of conf/texis.ini controls license updates applied via the Vortex <vxcp applylicense> function (e.g. the Webinator admin GUI) to the monitor schedule server. See also the settings in the [Scheduler] section, which control the schedule server.

Default: unset
The user in the Default Database SYSUSERS table to authenticate Vortex <vxcp applylicense> requests against. This is typically set to webinator by the Texis/Webinator installer, when it creates the GUI admin account. The password provided in applylicense requests will be verified against this user's password hash in SYSUSERS before applying the requested license. The default User is unset, which disables applying license updates via <vxcp applylicense>, i.e. updates must be done manually by copying to the license.upd file in the install dir and running texis -update. Added in version 6.

Require Password
Default: 1
Nonzero if applylicense requests must contain a password. Note that even if this is 0 (no password required), if the User account has a password, it still must be provided in the applylicense request and match. Added in version 6.

Require Secure
Default: 1
Nonzero if applylicense requests must be made securely (i.e. via SSL). Added in version 6.

Require Remote Network
Default: unset
If set (to IP network address with optional bits), applylicense requests must be made from this network. E.g. setting would only allow requests from that network. Note that the schedule server is typically bound to (local host) only (see Listen here), so requests are by default only accessible from the local machine anyway. Added in version 6.

Terse Messages
Default: 0
An integer set of bit flags. If bit 0 is set, use shorter messages in <vxcp applylicense> replies. If bit 1 is set, use shorter messages in monitor.log, especially for rejected license update attempts. Enabling this can increase the difficulty of debugging problems. Added in version 6.

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