Httpd Fast CGI conf/texis.ini Section

An [Httpd Fast CGI] section of conf/texis.ini maps a URL prefix on the Texis Web server to a FastCGI server. There is one such section per configured FastCGI server (i.e. the section may be given multiple times for multiple servers). This section was added in version 4.04.1079750000 Mar. 19 2004.

URL Prefix
Default: unset (must be set)
The URL prefix which is mapped to a FastCGI server.

Command Line
Default: unset (must be set)
The command line and args to start the local FastCGI server. This is only needed if the FastCGI server is not already running on the Local Bind Path. Arguments that potentially may have embedded spaces (e.g. %INSTALLDIR%) should be double-quoted: the quotes escape the spaces under Windows for most programs, and are removed (but still delineate args) under Unix.

Local Bind Path
Default: localhost:11000, with port incrementing for each following server
The local host and port to bind and connect to the local FastCGI server.

Buffer Size
Default: 64k
The max size of I/O buffers (there are 3). Note: in current versions this should not exceed 64k.

Pre Start
Default: 0
If nonzero, local FastCGI server should be started at web server init, rather than waiting for first web request (which is the default). This increases the startup load of the web server, but then the FastCGI response is quicker on the first request. Useful for FastCGI servers which take a long time to initialize.

Kill On Exit
Default: 0
If nonzero, local FastCGI server should be killed at web server exit. The default is 0, which leaves the FastCGI server running.

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