Chkind conf/texis.ini Section

The settings in the [Chkind] section of conf/texis.ini affect the way that the metamorph indices are monitored in databases.

This controls how often SYSINDEX and SYSMETAINDEX are rescanned, and indices are looked at to determine if they need updating. The default is 180 (3 minutes); in Texis version 6 and earlier it was 120. The value should be less than [Monitor] DB Quiet (see discussion there).

The default value is 0. This will cause all Metamorph indices to be checked, using default values if none are specified in SYSMETAINDEX. The default settings are to check the index every hour, and update if there is more than a million bytes changed data. If set to 1 then only those indexes listed in SYSMETAINDEX will be watched.

By default the database monitor will automatically perform chkind checks on the database. If this is set to 0 then the automatic chkind will not be started.

Integer; verbosity with which to log actions. Bit 0 controls whether to log index checks; bit 1 whether to log index updates. Added in version 4.02.1038254737 Nov 25 2002.

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