Texis Version 8 Features and Changes

Texis version 8 has several enhancements, as well as alterations to some existing functionality; both are discussed below. Changes to be especially aware of during upgrading are noted with Caveat and/or bold text. In particular, there are numerous Vortex syntax changes, and the default log dir has changed.

Also note that "version" here usually refers to the Texis version, which is not necessarily the version of the main Thunderstone product (which may be built on top of Texis). The Texis version can be obtained by running texis -version on the command line, or through the System - Information - System Information - Version tab - Texis Version web menu (if applicable).

Some changes are instead dependent on the current Vortex syntax version - i.e. the value of the syntaxversion pragma (here). While the syntax version numbering scheme parallels (and defaults to) the Texis version, unlike the Texis version it can be changed, to re-enable some legacy behaviors. Such behaviors that are dependent on the syntax - rather than just Texis - version are noted with a phrase like "(syntax) version 8", rather than "Texis version 8", or just "version 8" (which generally refers to Texis version).

Still other changes depend on the current compatibilityversion (here), which also parallels (and defaults to) the Texis version, and can also be changed - but is generally checked at run time, not compile time. These changes are noted with "compatibilityversion 8".

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