Consistent Looping Syntax - Caveat

In (syntax) version 8 and later, Vortex statements that are loopable (i.e. may or may not be a loop, depending on syntax) all have a consistent "loopiness" syntax: they must either be self-closing (e.g. <stat "someFile"/>) and thus non-looping, or have a close tag (<stat "someFile">...</stat>) and thus be looping. In previous (syntax) versions, the loopiness syntax of statements varied: some were always looping, some looped if a close tag was given, some if certain options given, etc.

The new syntax is consistent, and ensures that loopiness can always be determined from the opening tag alone, without having to visually scan for a potential close tag. It also prevents inadvertently changing the loopiness of an outer statement when inserting another statement (intended to be non-looping) of the same type, as was possible for e.g. <stat> in (syntax) version 7.

See the syntaxversion pragma (here) for more details, as well as the --translate-from-version option (here) for aid in modifying existing scripts.

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