vhttpd ExcludeExt Defaults Changed - Caveat

In Texis version 8 and later, the ExcludeExt default for vhttpd was changed from "" .vs .vtx to empty (all extensions - including empty extensions - allowed). Since ScriptRoot defaults to texis/scripts in the install dir - i.e. outside of DocumentRoot - there is generally no need to restrict the downloading of potential Vortex script sources, since they should reside outside the document tree. Removing the restriction from ExcludeExt allows other file types (that share the same extension as Vortex scripts) to be accessed from vhttpd.

Caveat: If upgrading to Texis version 8 an installation with Vortex scripts in the vhttpd document tree, move them out of the document tree and update ScriptRoot appropriately, or add the appropriate extensions to ExcludeExt. Otherwise the script sources and/or compiled object files may become accessible.

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