Logs Moved - Caveat

In Texis version 8 and later, the default location for logs moved, to the /var/log/texis dir (Unix), or the logs subdir of the install dir (Windows). In previous versions, most logs were in the texis subdir of the install dir (except for some vhttpd and Monitor web server logs, which were in the logs subdir of the install dir).

In addition, a run dir is used in version 8, defaulting to /run/texis under Unix (the install script may configure /var/run/texis instead if /run is not present), and the run subdir of the install dir under Windows. PID and some other run-time files (e.g. statistics pipe) now reside there. In previous versions, these files were either optional, resided in the logs subdir (vhttpd PID file), or were in /tmp (Unix statistics pipe).

These changes more closely align Texis' path usage under Unix with typical Linux usage.

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