Thunderstone's Investment Protection Program

We Treat You Fairly

When you invest in a Thunderstone search solution, you receive a perpetual license to the software. This means you will never be asked to pay annual license fees to keep using the software, or suddenly discover you are just leasing the product you thought you owned. Many search projects grow over time, with more information to be indexed, and more searches being done as the users discover the benefits of search.

Search Solution Grows With You

Often a project starts in one department, and then expands throughout an organization. A start-up may want to start quickly with a relatively small amount of data and users, to prove their idea without a large capital investment, but still have the ability to grow and scale the solution when it takes off.

Penalty-Free Upgrades

As long as you are a current maintenance client, the investment for an upgraded solution will be the difference between the cost of the upgraded solution and the license fees already paid for the current solution. Maintenance payments going forward will be based on the upgraded solution.

This Investment Protection Program applies whether you are increasing the capacity of your solution, or upgrading to a more advanced solution. For example, if you wanted to add additional support for facets and custom queries you could upgrade from the Search Appliance to a Parametric Appliance, and your total investment will be no more than if you started with the Parametric Appliance.

To learn more about how you can unlock the information you already have, or if you have any other questions about search, give our knowledgeable staff a call at +1 216-820-2200 or contact us online.

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