Product Line Comparison

  Texis Webinator Search Appliance Parametric
Search Appliance
DESCRIPTION Full featured SQL RDBMS software optimized for text searching with full featured scripting language and C APIs. Build your own native or web based application. Consulting available to aid in application building. Website indexing software. Prebuilt application with a plethora of options. Customizable scripts. Free and paid versions available. Website and filesystem indexing hardware with pre-installed software. Closed system for quick and easy implementation onto your network. Available as a VM. Combines the flexibility and power of TEXIS with the ease of use of an appliance. Easily create applications that combine full-text and structured data without programming. Available as a VM. Product Catalog Application ideal for E-commerce sites. Includes hardware for a plug-and-go solution. Available as a VM. Call for more info.
SIZING 10K and up records 10K and up web pages 100K and up documents.
See below
100K and up documents.
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100K and up documents.
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SUPPORT Phone, Email, Message Board. 24x7 available.1
ORDERING Call 216-820-2200 Call 216-820-2200 Call 216-820-2200 Call 216-820-2200 Call 216-820-2200
1 Support for Free Webinator limited to Message Board only.

Hardware Search Appliance Comparison

  Small     Medium     Large     Custom  
Number of Pages Supported 20,000-300,000 up to 2,000,000 3,000,000 and up Larger Call
Number of Collections Supported Unlimited2 Unlimited2 Unlimited2 Unlimited2
Fine grained admin access controls (ACL) Yes Yes Yes Yes
RAID disk array Yes Yes Yes Yes
Redundant power supply No Yes Yes Yes
Form Factor 1U full depth w/rails 1U full depth w/rails 2U full depth w/rails Varies
2 The number of collections is unlimited up to the available space on the internal disk.
3 Appliances are also available as OVA images that can be imported into various hypervisors such as VMware™, VirtualBox, and Hyper-V . Ask your salesperson for details.
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