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Texis Overview
Thunderstone's Texis is the only search engine developed from the ground up as a fully integrated SQL RDBMS optimized for full-text search, and it's the only relational database that can store and search text documents of unlimited size within standard database tables.
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Compound Metamorph Indices
The METAMORPH and METAMORPH INVERTED indexes in Texis are used to improve the performance of text searches using full-text queries with LIKE, LIKEP, and the rest of the LIKE family. Often the query involves other values, which are used to either sort the results, or further restrict the results returned. The Metamorph compound index will improve the performance of such queries.

Case Studies

Native American Cultural and Historical Institute (NAI)
How do you create an online learning resource with search capabilities that satisfy the special requirements of students, teachers and tribal leaders in today's Native American communities? * Kids on the reservations often speak in a manner that combines their traditional native language and English. They want a website that allows them to search for desired information in the same way. * Educators need innovative, practical tools that can help students to learn more about their native languages, history and culture. They must teach nearly forgotten subjects and transmit cherished values. * People with the responsibilities of leadership in Native American tribes have a dislike for anything that threatens their unique heritage. They fight against the corrosive influences of rampant commercialism. The Native American Cultural and Historical Institute (NAI) and Mnemotrix Systems, Inc. created a Heritage Education online database with sophisticated User Group features and Concept Search capabilities powered by Thunderstone's TEXIS.
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UCIS/NCEEER: Vladimir I. Toumanoff Virtual Library
The Center for Russian & East European Studies, a sub-unit of the larger University Center for International Studies (UCIS) at the University of Pittsburgh, won a competition a number of years ago to create the Vladimir I. Toumanoff Virtual Library -- a collection that includes searchable online documents from many top U.S. researchers and analysts who write about politics, history, sociology, economics and foreign policy related to the states of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Thunderstone's Webinator indexing and retrieval software enabled the responsible Informatics team to accomplish this goal in an efficient and affordable manner.
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FactCite: The Lincoln Library Online
Editors at Lincoln Library Press, Inc. created an online version of everything contained in the multi-volume hardback books their publishing company sells to school libraries. This new and popular web-based resource for students, called FactCite, would also offer much additional content not currently available within the printed editions. The creators of FactCite required powerful search technology that could handle the growing information access and retrieval needs of the FactCite.com website. After considering other potential options, they started with a Thunderstone Search Appliance -- but they ultimately decided it made the most sense to have Thunderstone Data Services host their search solution.
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GSA Auctions
When the U.S. General Services Administration looked to upgrade the searching capabilities on its GSA Auctions® website, it could have written a host-based search engine to run on the mainframe system. Instead, GSA opted to use "off-the-shelf" Thunderstone Search Appliances — enabling the implementation of an affordable search solution that reduces system load while providing sophisticated search features expected by today's savvy users.
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Trade Press Publishing
When implementing an optimal solution for the heavy search demands of multiple online properties, a website administrator needs a practical way to easily create and provide a high quality retrieval interface to collections of HTML documents. In this article we review how Trade Press Publishing successfully added powerful and flexible vertical search engines to its popular web portals with the help of Thunderstone's Webinator web index and retrieval system. Webinator serves as an example of the type of applications that can be built around Thunderstone's Texis RDBMS and Web Script.
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Ecological Internet
Ecological Internet (EI) maintains up-to-date climate, forests and environment portals that serve more than 35,000 visitors a day. By implementing Thunderstone's Webinator, EI enables its website users to search the indexed content of five million URLs and quickly retrieve the desired information.
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A major challenge in today's organization is being able to have a search that is flexible enough to search across all the repositories in the appropriate manner to build an enterprise-wide knowledge management system. In this article we look at how Ariba, Inc. created an enterprise-wide knowledge management system using Thunderstone's Texis as a search solution.
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Most Americans know QVC by its shopping channel on television. QVC's web site, however, also is one of the most successful online retailers, bringing in a substantial portion of QVC's $4.4 billion of sales yearly. Thunderstone's Texis software plays an important role at QVC in a variety of ways.
Litigation is a booming business in the United States. That's not good news to some, but it creates interesting technology challenges. Larger and more complex lawsuits entail larger and more complex document management needs. Some of the largest U.S. law firms rely on Texis to search and manage legal documents through an application developed by Thunderstone integrator nMatrix Inc.
If you manage a web site, you probably included certain "key words" with the aim of influencing search engine rankings. Wordtracker has built a highly successful business dedicated to identifying which keywords are both popular and have the least competition. One of the most technically sophisticated services of its kind, Wordtracker relies on Texis to perform many important functions.
You know about the biggest web bookseller. But did you know that its sales represent less than 8 percent of the U.S. bookselling industry? That there are hundreds of other bookstores now competing online? And that many of them are powered by Thunderstone's Texis software? A substantial group of these other bookstores are served by Texis customer Booksite.com, a company that provides a complete online solution for independent book dealers.

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