Query Log

The query log pages provide detailed and summary information about queries. Query logging must be turned on to generate information on the query log pages. If query logging has never been turned on for the current profile, there will be nothing to see. The query log is erased each time the database is rewalked.

The pages are as follows:

  • Query Report

  • Top Query Words

  • Top Queries

  • No Hits

  • Best Bet Clicks

The query log lists the time that each search occurred, the IP address of the web user performing the search, the number of hits for the search, and the user's query. For result clicks, it displays the query instead of the number of hits and the actual URL instead of the query.

Selecting the Date/Time for a listed query will display a page with complete information about the search. This page includes everything from the summary list, and any non-default parameter settings from the search. A hyperlink is provided so that you may perform the same query as the user.

Administrators can use the "from" and "to" widgets to restrict the date ranges used to generate the reports.

Note: If the search user is going through a proxy that provides the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header, that forwarded IP will be logged as the search user's IP and the proxy's IP address will be logged as a ForwardedBy value.

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