Replication Tools

Replication Tools allows you to work with replicating data from this profile. Replication is supported in the full Texis product, but not Webinator-only.

  • View Replication Status

    Replication Status shows you an overview of the contents of the replication queue. The data is presented grouped by host/profile, and the next items queued are detailed below.

  • Send Profile Settings

    Send Profile Settings is used when you want to send this profile's configuration to another Webinator, possibly with a different name. If the specified profile doesn't exist on the target machine, it will be created and given this profile's settings. If it already exists, it will have its settings set to this profile's values.

    Enter a remote machine and profile name & hit Send Settings to queue up the Send Settings action in the replication queue, which you can view with the previous link.

  • Send Profile Data

    Send Profile Data allows you send all the current profile's data to an established replication target. This can be useful when adding a new target to existing sender profile, and you need to load the target with existing content but don't want to perform a full walk on the sender.

    Select one of the machine/profile pairs listed, and hit Send Data to queue all this profile's content for replication. Please see the Replication Status page describe above to monitor the progress.

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