Maintenance Programs

These are the programs which the database maintainer can use to manage the database. The database owner should also read the section on using tsql to manage users. The index maintainer program chkind is one way to keep the Metamorph indexes on a table up to date. If the data changes sporadically thru the day you can use this to maintain an up to date index. If you tend to have batch changes in the data it is usually best to force an update of the index at the end of the batch.

ltest allows you to monitor the state of the locks on the database. It can help show if one process is holding locks for a long period of time, or if there is a great deal of lock contention. If you are seeing considerable lock contention you should consider either re-structuring the application, reduce other loads on the machine, or acquire a more powerful machine.

rmlocks is used in the cases where programs have quit without cleaning up locks, or a deadlock situation has occurred. Texis can resolve most of these situations by itself, although sometimes using rmlocks can be required. rmlocks will not remove any locks currently in use so it is safe to run at any time.

kdbfchk checks and repairs database files. It can be used to verify the integrity of tables and recover from some file corruption events.

timport is a general purpose data importer. A synopsis of how to use it is given here, and a more complete explanation of the schema format and usage is given in Chapter here.

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