wordlist - Display words and frequencies from index


wordlist [-d database] <table-name> [<word> ...]

Note: See the indexaccess indexing property(here) for a newer/better way to access the word list.

It is often useful to be able to see the vocabulary of a particular index. This command will produce a listing of the words which are in the index, along with an optional count of how many documents each word occurs in. At the end a total number of documents is printed.

The database should be specified with the -d option if it is not the current directory.

The table name should be the name of a table that has a Metamorph index on it. Words from the first Metamorph index on that table will be displayed. You can specify a list of words on the command line, and only those words will be displayed. You can also add a star * at the end of a word, in which case all words with that prefix will be shown.


wordlist DOCNDX
5       aa
2       aachen
1       aaiun
1       aalesund
1       aalii
2       aalto
1       aarau
2       aardvark
1       aardwolf

1       zymogen
1       zymogenic
1       zymology
1       zymometer
2       zymosis
1       zymotic
2       zyrian
135851 Tokens total

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