copydb - Copy a database across the network


copydb [-v] [-lrows] [-uuser] [-ppass] [-ttable] [-sport]
           remotehost remotedb localdb

Note: copydb is deprecated. cpdb is the preferred method for copying tables across the network.

The copydb program allows you to copy a database between two computers. It does this with the network API to ensure that any data conversions required happen properly. If the local database does not already exist it will be created. This program requires that texisd is running on both machines.

Only the tables are copied across from the remote machine to the local machine. Any indexes that are on the remote database will not be recreated on the local database. You can specify which tables you want to copy with the -t option, as well as how many rows you want to copy with -l. If you specify a user and password with -u and -p this will be used for both machines.

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