Test Network and Servers

This area provides the ability to test the network connectivity of Webinator and find what web and file server documents look like to it. It is divided into two sections. The first section is for testing Webinator fetching and processing of urls. The second section is for testing Webinator's general network connectivity.

  • Test URL fetch

    This is the same functionality as found in Test Fetch in a profile's Tools. Please see its documentation (here) for more detail.

  • Test Network

    There are several network tests available. As many as desired may be done together. Each will be executed in sequence one after the other and the results presented together on one page.

    • Find IP Look up an IP address for a given host. Options (correspond to walk DNS Mode settings):

      • Internal - Perform the lookup using internal parallelizing routines.

      • System - Perform the lookup using standard system routines.

    • Ping Send ping packets to the given hostname or IP address to determine reachability and speed. Check Gateway to ping the configured gateway address. A handful of packets will be sent and statistics about each and a summary of response times and loss will be displayed. Note that not all machines respond to ping and some firewalls block ping. Page fetching may still work even if ping doesn't.

    • Traceroute Trace the network route to the given hostname or IP address to determine reachability and spot possible problem areas. It will display one line for each hop along the network route to the target machine. Asterisks (*) indicate a problem finding the next hop. Note that some firewalls and routers block traceroute. Page fetching may still work even if traceroute doesn't.

    • Email Send a small test email to the given email address. This will test Webinator's email configuration as well as the recipient's ability to receive emails from Webinator. If the recipient doesn't get the test email look in SystemManage Logsmaillog` to see if the message was handed off successfully. If it was handed off check the recipient's spam folder.

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