Test Fetch

This allows for testing Webinator fetching of URLs. Be sure to properly encode any entered URL, like space as %20.

Several processing options are provided to control how much processing to do. Expand the Options link to show and edit these options. Note that most will only be set at the request of Thunderstone tech support. Some options may produce copious messages.

  • Full Processing

    Perform full processing on the fetched file as if it is being prepared for the search database (execute any relevant Primer URLs before-hand, apply rejection rules to its links, etc). Otherwise only perform the basic download of the page.

  • Keep Download

    Keep the raw encoded download and decoded data for display. Using this can make the test results page particularly large for large source documents like PDFs etc.

  • No redirects

    Do not follow redirects. This can be useful to get the full size, content etc. of a page in a redirect chain. When checked, Max Redirects (here) is set to 0 for the fetch.

  • Trace Settings

    Defaults to, and overrides, the Walk Trace Settings option (here): a set of zero or more comma-separated "name=value" pairs to generate additional debug/trace messages; set at the request of Thunderstone tech support.

A short summary will be shown followed by various statistics and other information about the page. Most of the information is collapsed (hidden) to reduce page clutter. Click the + next to an item to expand that item for viewing. Click the - to collapse an item. Use the Collapse all and Expand all links to Collapse all items or expand all items respectively. Use Show empty fields to show all fields even if there was no data for them. That helps one determine that a value is actually missing as opposed to overlooked for display.

Large text fields will be shown in scrollable areas by default to avoid taking over the page. Click the + next to a scrolling area to let it fully expand onto the page. Click the - to confine and expanded field.

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