Basic Walk Settings

This is the central area for configuring a walk. The most commonly used walk related options and their settings are presented and they may be changed here. The Basic Walk Settings are a subset of the All Walk Settings. Next to each option is a question mark (?) which, if clicked, takes you to help for that option. The options are documented individually later in this manual in section 4.4.

At the bottom of the page is a set of three buttons. Pressing any of the buttons affects all options on the entire page.

  • Update This button causes all changes on the form to be saved. No walk is started.

    If the Rewalk Schedule has been changed, the new schedule will go into effect immediately.

    If Categories have been changed, the walk database will be updated to reflect the new categories. The search interface will reflect the new categories.

    If Single Page, Page File, or Page URL has been changed, the listed individual pages will be fetched into the live search database and made available for searching.

    If the Word Definition or Text Search Mode is changed, the search index on the live database will be dropped and recreated. Searches might not work while the index is being rebuilt.

  • GO or Update and GO The GO button will change to Update and GO after you make a change to any setting on the form. The ultimate behavior for either is the same.

    The current settings from the form will be saved as is done when you click Update. Then a new walk will be started. The new walk will be performed to either a temporary database or the live database, depending on the setting of Rewalk Type (Section 4.4.14). Then you will be shown the walk status page where you may monitor the progress of the walk.

    Changes to Categories or Word Definition will not be reflected until the walk finishes.

  • STOP When a walk is in progress the GO button is replaced by the STOP button. This button terminates the running walk and abandon the work that it has done so far.

  • Reset This button reverts all settings on the page to what they were when the page was first loaded.

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