Vortex Scheduling

Vortex scripts can be set up to run automatically on a given schedule. This is useful for periodic maintenance scripts, refreshing a Web site index, etc. The <SCHEDULE> directive schedules a script for automatic execution. For example:

<SCHEDULE WHEN="daily at 12am">

Once the script is compiled or run so that this directive takes effect, the script will be run every day at midnight local time by the Texis Monitor in the background. The Texis Monitor itself (monitor) is automatically started whenever texis or tsql is run; to ensure it is always running for proper <SCHEDULE> operation, it is advisable to run it or another Texis program in the machine's startup scripts at boot time as the Texis user, not root. (Under Windows, the install program attempts to set this up automatically.) For more details on the <SCHEDULE> tag and its syntax, see here.

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