Schedule Option Summary

The aforementioned command-line options and others that deal with scheduling in Vortex are summarized below:

  • -listsched or -ls Summarizes currently-scheduled scripts.

  • -LS Print current schedule information in greater detail.

  • -noeng Do not translate vCalendar-syntax schedules to pseudo-English when listing. Normally this is done for readability, but the actual internally-stored syntax may be printed with this option.

  • -sched schedule Schedule the script given on the command line with the given schedule. This schedule is distinct from any given by <SCHEDULE> tags in the script. schedule may be "off" to unschedule a previous -sched for this script, or "all-off" to unschedule both -sched and <SCHEDULE> tags for this script.

  • -start date Specify a START date for the given -sched schedule.

  • -wipesched Wipe the schedule table: remove all schedules for all scripts.

For other command-line options to Vortex, see here and here.

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