Vortex Miscellaneous Command-line Options

These Vortex command-line options are primarily for tracing and debugging.

  • -x [N] Trap signals according to bit flags in integer N. Overrides <TRAP> directive (here). The default trap value is 0x83. The default for N if unspecified is 0.

  • -tracesql [n] Debugging: print informational, <putmsg>-capturable messages giving the exact SQL statements executed and their parameters. This is useful when debugging a complex script that constructs its SQL statements on the fly from various sources. Added in version 2.6.936400000 19990903. See also the sqlcp function (here), and the <TRACESQL> directive (here) for details on what values can be set. Specify multiple times for increased verbosity; in version 3.01.980200000 20010122 and later, an optional numeric argument n may be given instead.

  • -tracekdbf [file|n] Debugging: trace KDBF calls. Takes an optional file or numeric argument. Unsupported/internal use. Added in version 3.01.983500000 20010301.

  • -traceskt [n], -tracedns [n], -traceidx [n] Debugging: trace socket, DNS or Metamorph index calls. Use multiple times for increased verbosity. For tech support. See the same-name settings in the sqlcp and urlcp (here) functions for details. Added in version 3.0.948700000 20000124.

  • -tracepipe n Debugging: trace pipe calls. See the same-name setting under vxcp (here) for details.

  • -tracelib n Debugging: trace shared lib calls. Flags subject to change in a future release. Currently defined values (bit-wise ORed):

    • 0x1: Trace libpath expansion

    • 0x2: Trace library search and loading

    • 0x4: Trace symbol lookup
    Added in version 5.01.1215040000 20080702.

  • -tracealarm n Debugging: trace alarm calls. Added in version 5.01.1106770783 20050126. Value is a bitwise OR of any of the following flags:

    • 0x0001: TXsetalarm(), TXunsetalarm(), TXunsetallalarms() called

    • 0x0002: System alarm/handler set/unset

    • 0x0004: TX... alarms fired

    • 0x0008: System alarms fired

    • 0x0010: TXsetalarm(), TXunsetalarm(), TXunsetallalarms() finished

    • 0x0020: Timestamp each message

    • 0x0040: TXgetalarm() called
    Values may change or be added to in future releases.

  • -time Print user, system and real time used to standard error upon exit. Useful for timing a script or SQL statement.

  • -conf file Deprecated option; use --texis-conf{=| }file instead. Added in version 3.01.979600000 20010115.

There are also several options associated with Vortex modules (here) and scheduling (here).

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