Differences Between Vortex, tsql and Metamorph API

While both the Vortex texis executable and tsql can execute SQL statements on the command line with similar syntaxes, there are subtle differences between the two. The texis executable is geared towards production servers, and restricts certain CPU-intensive operations. The tsql command is intended for temporary, administrative and debugging use, however for consistency with Vortex, in version 6 and later it has the same restrictions as Vortex on potentially high-load queries. (In version 5 and earlier, tsql was more lax; those legacy defaults can be restored by setting the SQL property querysettings to 'texis5defaults'; see here.) Some other differences in default settings are listed in the following table:

Behavior Appliance Vortex tsql MM3 API
alpostproc (Post-processing) off off off -
allinear (Linear search) off off off -
alwithin (w/ operator) off off off on
alintersects (@N operator) off off off on
alequivs (Allow equivs: ~ or keepeqvs) off off off on
allineardict (linear dictionary search) off off off -
exactphrase (Resolve noise in phrases) off off off -
qminwordlen (Min. query word length) 2 2 2 1
qminprelen (Min. wildcard prefix length) 2 2 2 1
qmaxsetwords (Max. words per query set) 500 500 500 no limit
qmaxwords (Max. search words in query) 1100 1100 1100 no limit
prefixproc (Prefix processing) off off off on
keepnoise (Keep noise query terms) off off off on
keepeqvs (Search for equivalences) off off off on
sdexp (Start-delimiter expression) none none none sent
edexp (End-delimiter expression) none none none sent
minwordlen (Min. morpheme proc. wordlen) 255 255 255 5
likepallmatch (Require all LIKEP words) on off off -
Multiple statements supported No No Yes -
Statement executed before column headers printed Yes Yes No -

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