Vortex Error Messages

Errors may occur any time Vortex is run, such as syntax errors during compilation, problems during execution, or incorrectly formed statements. These errors are logged with a timestamp to the error log file, which is set during installation or with the command-line option -e (here). The default error log is /usr/local/morph3/texis/vortex.log, or c:\morph3\texis\vortex.log under Windows. The log file may be changed in the texis.ini configuration file (see here). If the log file cannot be opened, errors are printed to standard error (stderr). Each line of the vortex.log has the following format:

NNN date script:line: Message in the function: dosomething

where NNN is a 3-digit code indicating the general type and severity of the error (not a unique identifier of the error). The first digit indicates the severity: 0 is an error, 1 is a warning, 2 and higher are informational messages. The other 2 digits indicate the type of error: 02-10 are file errors, 11 is out of memory, 15 is a usage (syntax) problem, etc. The date and time of the error come next, in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.. If applicable, the script name and line that the error occurred on are given. The rest of the line is a description of the error, possibly with the internal C function name where the error occurred.

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