Changing Logging and Printing of Vortex Messages

Defining a putmsg script function turns off logging and printing of error messages because it is assumed that the function will completely handle the error, logging it (or not) as the programmer sees fit. However, with the <PUTMSG> directive (here) and the vxcp function (here), logging and/or printing during a putmsg function call can be re-enabled. This saves the hassle of writing a log function inside <putmsg> to save the errors. These calls can also be used to ignore messages only during certain sections of code (e.g. calling an error-prone but benign <EXEC> program) without having to write an explicit <putmsg> function to handle the errors:

<vxcp putmsg all off><$sav = $ret>    <!-- ignore errors -->
<EXEC /usr/bin/my/buggy/program></EXEC>
<vxcp putmsg all $sav>       <!-- restore error handling -->

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