vhttpd Optimization Settings

Below are vhttpd.conf performance settings. None need be set by default, but careful tuning of these parameters can sometimes increase server performance.

OutPktSz bytes
Default: 512
Set the TCP data packet size assumed in output. Most platforms send data in constant-size packets where possible. The server can tune its output buffers to this packet size, reducing the number of packets sent. It is only advisable to change this setting if you know what the packet size is.

OutBufSz bytes
Default: 1024
Set the output buffer size. Must be a multiple of OutPktSz.

HdrBufSz bytes
Default: 8192
Output buffer size for headers. Increase if large headers are to be sent.

SingleUser boolean
Default: off
Set Texis single-user mode. Use with caution; see the caveats on singleuser with the <sqlcp> function, here.

TxPreOpenDb filepath
Default: unset
The database to pre-open Texis handles for. In conjunction with the other TxPreOpen... settings, some Texis handles can be pre-opened by the web server. This can speed up the servicing of server-run Vortex scripts that use that database, by avoiding the overhead of opening a Texis handle for every request. Generally 10-20 handles are opened with TxPreOpenNum, and one or two handles are reserved per process with TxPreOpenGive, depending on the number of simultaneous SQL accesses in the script. ServerRoot-relative. If unset, no handles are pre-opened.

TxPreOpenNum num
Default: 0
Pre-open num Texis handles in the TxPreOpenDb database.

TxPreOpenGive num
Default: 2
Give num pre-opened Texis handles to each process.

TxPreOpenLife num
Default: 10
Use each pre-opened Texis handle num times before closing.

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