vhttpd Miscellaneous Settings

These are miscellaneous or debug vhttpd.conf config file settings. They are not typically used by live servers.

VortexObjExt .ext
Default: .vsc in version 8 and later; .vtx in version 7 and earlier
Use the filename extension .ext for Vortex object files compiled or run by the server.

Trap Signals boolean|integer
Default: on
Whether to trap signals, and (if integer bit flags set) what to do when they occur. Note: Fundamental server performance may be impaired if this setting is changed. Same bit flags as the <TRAP> directive in Vortex (here); however not all bit flags are supported in the server process itself.

Trap Connreset boolean|integer
Default: on
Whether to trap connection reset of stdout (e.g. browser user hitting stop button) in Vortex scripts. See also <TRAP> directive in Vortex (here).

WatchDog boolean
Default: off
Debug setting. Whether to use a watchdog process or not, which will attempt to restart the server if it goes down unexpectedly.

DebugLevel num
Default: 0
Set the debug level:

  • 0 Normal operation, the default.

  • 1 Do not daemonize on startup (stay in foreground).

  • 2 Do not fork: service one request and exit.

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