vhttpd Configuration File

On startup, the Texis Web Server server looks for a config file. This file is by default conf/vhttpd.conf in the directory configured at install time, usually /usr/local/morph3. The config file can be changed with the -f command-line option. It contains settings that affect the actions of the server. Its format is similar to Apache web server config files: settings are one per line, with space-separated values after the setting name. Blank lines and comments (#-sign to end of line) are ignored. For example, the following config file sets the TransferLog file, where transactions are logged:

# This is a comment.  Set the transfer log:
  TransferLog /usr/local/httpd/logs/transfer.log

In version 6 and later, config file values may contain the following %-variable references:

  • %INSTALLDIR% - The Texis installation directory

  • %BINDIR% - The Texis binaries (executables) directory

  • %LIBDIR% - The Texis library directory (typically the lib subdir of the Texis install dir); added in version 8

  • %LOGDIR% -

    The log directory, i.e. LogDir value. For log files.

  • %RUNDIR% -

    The run directory, i.e. RunDir value. For run-time-only files, e.g. PID files etc. Added in version 8.

  • %EXEDIR% - The parent directory of the server executable (or the Texis binary dir, if the former cannot be determined)

  • %SCRIPTROOT% - The script root

  • %DOCUMENT_ROOT% - The document root

  • %SERVERROOT% - The server root

Many file path settings are ServerRoot-relative. This means that if a relative path is given (one that does not start with a / or drive letter, after %-variable expansion), it is taken to be a subdirectory of ServerRoot. This allows an entire web server to be moved to another directory hierarchy by simply changing ServerRoot, if all other applicable paths are set relative to it.

A boolean setting is an on/off setting. A boolean value such as yes, no, on, off, 1 or 0 is expected.

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