URL Fetching and Web Server Changes

Version 6 introduced some new URL fetch settings and behaviors. HTTP/1.1 is now supported by default, including gzip and other compression formats (see <urlcp encodings> here). A new form of secure SSL transfers is supported in <fetch>, the OPTIONS/Upgrade method, which (for servers that support it) allows HTTP transactions to be SSL-secure without the need for a separate HTTPS server and namespace (see <urlcp secure>, here). FTP logins are supported more fully with login-dir-relative paths, so that a user directories may be accessed easier via FTP: there is no need to specify the home directory in the URL (see <urlcp ftprelativepaths> here). Uncommon or misspelled character sets can be mapped to their correct equivalents with a charset config file, avoiding some "Unknown character set" errors (see <urlcp charsetconfigfromfile> here).

The vhttpd web server configuration file supports some %-variables for greater clarity. For example, %SERVERROOT% may be used in a setting value to indicate the web server root path. The AllowExt and ExcludeExt (here) defaults changed to allow all files except for Vortex source and object files, so that new file types do not require constantly editing the config file to add then to AllowExt. The Texis Monitor web server (but not vhttpd) supports SSL; see SSL Engine et al. settings in the [Httpd] section of texis.ini.

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