Search Results Improvements

Abstracts (the document summaries provided in search results) are improved in version 6 with support for multiple "snippets". This means that the abstract may contain more than one chunk from the document (separated by ellipses), if the search terms are widely separated. This increases the likelihood that all search terms will be highlighted in the abstract. See the Vortex <abstract> function (here) for details.

Hit highlighting was upgraded with per-term and whole-query CSS support. Each term is highlighted in a different color, and all the formats can be customized with HTML style sheets; see <fmt> hit markup sub-codes I/C (here) and <fmtcp querystyle> etc. settings (here) for details.

In Webinator, administrators gained more flexibility with the addition of meta searches, which allow multiple profiles to be searched as one. This can be useful for large/complex sites, where different crawl rules are needed for different parts, or when search users demand more fine-tuned sectioning that is available with standard URL-based Categories alone.

A Maintenance section adds new admin support tools such as thesaurus (synonym) customization, GUI application of new licenses, network testing, and off-site backup of profile settings. Search results are available in XML format as well as via a SOAP API, for easier integration with other applications.

Support for searching protected or multi-level-access sites was added, with results authorization: users can be limited to only those search results they have access to. Search results can also be grouped by site, to present a greater variety of top-level sites in the result set when the majority of results are from only one or two sites. Searching of CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) languages was improved with the addition of the Language Analysis Module (available separately).

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