Filename Changes

Some filenames and paths were changed in Texis version 6. The Texis config file texis.cnf (in the install dir) was renamed to texis.ini (now in the conf subdir). This places it in the same dir as other config files, and gives it an extension that is more appropriate for its Windows-style config syntax. The old location is still supported as a fallback.

Vortex source files have the extension .vs in version 6, instead of no extension. No-extension source files are still supported for back compatibility, and the extension need not be specified on the command line or URL. The file extension allows easier searching and mapping of Vortex files. The source extension is changeable (not recommended) in texis.ini via [Texis] Vortex Source Extensions (here).

The Vortex ErrorScript and ErrorFile defaults (here) are set differently, though the end result is the same. In version 6, the default uses the new %SCRIPTROOT% variable, which is not available in earlier versions. However the net location - texis/scripts subdir of the install dir - is the same as previous versions.

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