Hit Highlighting Enhanced

Query/hit highlighting is improved in Texis version 6. CSS classes and styles are used, and individual terms in the query may be highlighted differently from one another to distinguish them. The Vortex <fmt> markup flags %mI and %mC were added (here), for inline styles and CSS classes respectively. These mark up each term in a different background color. The version 5 flag %mb is still fully supported, for bold-only highlighting.

Additionally, the <fmtcp queryfixupmode> setting was added (here), which controls how Metamorph queries are modified when used for hit highlighting. It defaults to findsets in version 6, which preserves the query (including delimiters) and finds all non-NOT sets. The version 5 default behavior - append @0 w/. to the query - can be restored with <fmtcp queryfixupmode withindot>.

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