Multi-value SQL Parameters and strlst Changes, arrayconvert - Caveat

In Texis version 6, <sqlcp arrayconvert> (here) was added, and is on by default. This expands strlst values from SQL into individual varchar values when returned in Vortex variables, and converts Vortex multi-value varchar parameters to strlst when passed to SQL (and Metamorph treats strlst queries as an equiv list). In version 5, multi-value varchar parameters were passed as a varchar parenthetical list instead (i.e. a Metamorph search was always assumed).

Caveat: This can affect the return values of <sql> statements, and cause returned column variables to become out-of-sync row wise.

To restore version 5 behavior by default, set the texis.ini setting [Texis] Array Convert to off.

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