Multi-Part Abstracts

The <abstract> function in Vortex (here) is improved in Texis version 6. Multiple "snippets" of a query may now be returned. This means that if a query contains multiple terms, and they only occur widely separated in the source text, multiple sections of the document may be returned (separated by ellipses), to show occurences of more of the query terms. Previous versions would return a monolithic abstract containing only one of the terms, or perhaps between terms. Leading/trailing ellipses are also added in version 6, if parts of the document before/after the abstract were removed. Handling of file paths and URLs is also improved. New modes querymultiple and querybest were added; see the Vortex manual on <abstract> for details.

The version 5 behavior (monolithic return value) can be obtained with the querysingle option.

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