Toggling Prefix/Suffix Processing On/Off

You can toggle prefix and suffix processing individually on and off. If you don't like the way a particular word is being suffix or prefix processed, the easiest thing to do is simply turn off suffix or prefix processing temporarily and search for the word exactly as you want it. This is done by setting the corresponding APICP flag for suffixproc or prefixproc.

When one or both (suffix or prefix) morpheme processes are off, none of that respective routine (or routines) will be done at all. If both are off, you get a search for exactly the word you were looking for with no removal at all, and no check once found; in other words, the word you enter is passed directly from the search line to the PPM (Parallel Pattern Matcher) search algorithm.

Note that prefix processing is not supported by the Metamorph index, and thus enabling it will require a linear search (slower). This is why prefix processing is off by default in Vortex, tsql and the Search Appliance.

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