Suffix List Editing Notes

It should be noted that the Suffix List used for Equivalence Lookup is different than the Suffix List used for matching words in the text. One should make changes in the Suffix List with great care, as it is so basic to what can be found in the text.

While caution should also be applied to editing the Equiv-Suffix List, doing so has a different effect upon the search results. The default Equiv-Suffix List is quite short by comparison, containing only 3 suffixes. This is because different forms of words tend to have different sets of concepts, as contained in the Equivalence File.

If you feel the suffix list is not broad enough, you might wish to carefully expand it. An example of a valid suffix to add might be "al". Doing so would mean that typing in a query using the word "environmental" would pull up the equivalences listed for "environment".

If an exact entry for your word exists, only its equivalences will be retrieved from the Equivalence File. You want "monumental" to match "colossal", but you would probably be unhappy if it matched "tombstone" from the set associated with "monument". If no such exact entry existed, you would have to be prepared for "monumental" to dutifully retrieve the word "obelisk" if it were linked to "monument".

Keeping all these English nuances in mind, you do in fact have complete control over exactly what you can make the program retrieve.

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