Toggling Morpheme Rebuild Step On/Off

You can also turn off the Morpheme Rebuild step if you want to, by setting it with the corresponding APICP flag rebuild. The Rebuild step, referenced in Step 9 above, is intended as a check to rebuild morphemes back up into words once found, to verify hits. If not otherwise set, the default is "on"; i.e., that this step is done.

It may happen however, that you either miss a hit you feel you should have gotten, or are getting a hit that does not make sense to you. If so, you can try turning off the rebuild step, do your search, go into context and see exactly what was retrieved (as it will be highlighted) and why. This will at least serve to explain to you exactly what is going on in the search process.

Remember that the English language is based on more irregularities than regularities. Metamorph is designed to process the English language as best as it can, in a regular fashion. We leave it to specific applications to adjust these language toggles to one's own satisfaction, and expect that everything will not be set in exactly the same way every time.

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