getcgisl() - get variable from user-defined list


#include "cgi.h"

char  **getcgisl(sl, name)
CGISL  *sl;
char   *name;

The getcgisl() function looks for a variable with the given name in the given CGISL variable list, and returns its value(s). If no such variable is set, CHARPPN is returned. Since there may be more than one value to the variable, a ""-terminated string list is returned. The list's memory is associated with the CGISL object and will be freed when the object is closed.

This function is similar to getcgi(), except that it searches a single (user-defined) variable list.

The variable name and list returned are owned by the CGISL object and should not be freed or modified. These values should be assumed invalid after calls like cgisladdvar() which modify the object.

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